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Nebula Vaping Aurora Borealis, US

posted 04.08.2014

While packaging is something I rarely discuss, in the case of Nebula, I think it's appropriate to note that in all the time I've been reviewing juice, which is almost two full years now, I've never had juice arrive in this particular style of bottle. Each juice comes in a slender glass cylinder dropper bottle, thinner than the standard size, giving it an elegant, almost... Read on

Mr. Good Vape Dabble Dooyah, US

posted 04.08.2014

As anyone who reads these reviews with any regularity can testify, I'm pretty fond of the flavors MGV has been putting out. From the big, juicy fruits like Melon Head and my personal favorite, Karma Cream, to the deeper bakery flavor Moon Sugar, I have never been anything less than impressed by the quality of their product. They recently sent over two new bottles for me to check out... Read on

King & Queen B Vapor Empress, US, 50/50 PG/VG

posted 04.08.2014

Whenever I receive juice submissions from a new vendor, I like to begin with a melon based flavor, assuming that they send one, and more often than not, they often do. I find it to be a fairly good yard stick of what I might expect from the remainder of the juice, and while it's certainly not always telling, it usually proves to be a decent indicator. During my standard steeping... Read on

Pink Spot Happy Ending, US

posted 04.08.2014

Back when this site first got up and running, Pink Spot was one of the first vendors I reviewed. At the time, I found their juice to be hit or miss. The ones I thought were good, were quite good, the rest however, not so much. It had been quite awhile since I reviewed their juice, in addition to having tasted so much spectacular juice in the interim, I thought it was about time I... Read on

Hooligan Vapes Hooli Nana Cream Pie, US

posted 04.08.2014

It's no secret, I like Hooligan Vapes. In addition to some of the more enticing flavors I've had from them (including Christmas Cookie, Samoan Delight, Caramel Apple, et al), they also happen to mix one of my all-time favorite cola based e-liquids, a cherry/citrus/cola blend called Voodoo Cola. What I like so much about Hooligan is the innate sense of balance in every bottle. Anyone... Read on

The Vapor Store Lemon Berry, US

posted 04.08.2014

After a reasonable performance from The Vapor Store's first juice, a juice I admittedly didn't expect to perform as well as it did, I was eager to get a taste of the other bottle they sent over, Lemon Berry. I picked up a freshly coiled Atomic, my Duke mod, and I sat down for what I expected to be a bright, fruity vape. The first vape however, was a bit of a disappointment for me, as... Read on

Vaper's Knoll Lucid Dreams, US, Max VG

posted 04.08.2014

Vaper's Knoll is one of those vendors that opts for cryptic juice names...names that give prospective customers little to no idea what to expect from their juice. While giving your product a catchy name is certainly a good marketing plan to help vapers remember you and your products, in what is becoming an exceptionally crowded marketplace, it also makes things a bit difficult for that... Read on

Nebula Vaping Moon π, US

posted 04.08.2014

Just a couple of days after a certain big box sporting goods store had it's grand opening in the next town over, I took the family for a visit. Where I was expecting to find all the hunting, fishing, and outdoors-y stuff, I stumbled across something I never expected to find...a large display stand full of genuine Moon Pies, available in a variety of flavors at that. A purist at heart,... Read on

Giant Vapes Neckbeard's Juice Custard Spice, US

posted 04.08.2014

Custards are hot right now, that's an undeniable fact. Any vendor with the skill to mix a custard based juice is introducing or has already introduced their variation on theme, usually the standard Vanilla. While I have written a handful of reviews for vanilla custards, they are each a bit different from one another, with Neckbeard adding a note of spice to his, creating something... Read on

The Flavour Factory Pear Drop, UK

posted 04.08.2014

Despite the similarities that the US and UK share, there are some things that simply don't make it across the pond, candies and dessert treats are a great won't find spotted dick (a custard and dried fruit dessert, so get your mind out of the gutter) in the states, and you probably aren't going to find a Baby Ruth, or even a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in... Read on

Strix Elixirs Pixie Dust, US

posted 04.08.2014

After a few good but not phenomenal reviews from the first few bottles from Strix, I picked up the next bottle from them (selected as next merely due to the tie-dye label) Pixie Dust. Of course I've tasted more than a handful of e-liquids with a flavor profile firmly rooted in the old paper straws of flavored sugar that can instantly bring the smile to the face of almost anyone,... Read on

Space Jam Juice Pluto, US

posted 04.08.2014

After tasting Omega, Space Jam's peach based e-liquid, I was eager to get to work on the next bottle I had ordered from Giant Vapes, SJRF's Pluto. Described as a melon/bubblegum combo with a hint of mint, I thought the flavor sounded like a good mix, and that's exactly how it plays out. For many of the more advanced sub-Ω vapers, Space Jam is a popular choice for a few... Read on

Vapor Bank Snozzberries, US

posted 04.08.2014

The sheer volume of e-liquid vendors can be overwhelming, and the number grows on a seemingly daily basis, with new vendors popping up left and right. The Vapor Bank however, has been around since 2011 (although I'm not certain they have been selling online since their inception), so while I had heard their name a few times in the various forums I frequent, I had yet to sample any of... Read on

DB Liquids Strog The Destroyer, US, Max VG

posted 04.08.2014

With the majority of e-liquid vendors out there mixing liquids that are basically all riffs on the same tune (not necessarily a bad thing), DB Liquids has been breaking the mold with stunning regularity. From their BlueberRY4 and StrawberRY4 to their "best in class" tea flavors (and even Teabacco), DB is making some exceptionally creative blends that always seem to possess an... Read on

Fancee Juice Sublime, US, 50/50 PG/VG

posted 04.08.2014

Anyone who has read my previous reviews, seen me talking about some of personal favorites, or has been to the local meets I attend is familiar with my affinity for Fancee's's one of those flavors that works on so many levels, crisp, bright, refreshing, balanced, and just downright delicious. So when I received the latest shipment from Fancee, impeccably packaged as... Read on

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